Fiery Brown Palmer

tying and fishing palmered flies


some autumnal warmth

I was out walking recently. It was a cold autumnal day and I began thinking ‘hot chocolate, cinnamon and roast chestnuts’. As you do… With the comforting, warming thoughts of the colour tones of these foodstuffs in my head, in addition to the shades of ginger, red and brown in the trees and the wider landscape I was walking in, all led me to think of warm summer evenings, golden sedge…and palmered hackle wet flies. With the sedge still in mind, back at home it was off to the vice to tie a palmered hackle wet fly. A brown-ginger one.

The resultant pattern was very simple: a rib of gold wire, 50-50 mix of brown and fiery brown SLF dubbing mixture for the body, a furnace hen palmered hackle and a mottled brown hen hackle to complete the dressing.

The sparsely dressed fly contains a good amount of movement in both the palmered hackle and the mottled hen hackle. The addition of the fiery SLF into the dubbing mix adds a slight glowing effect to the body and some sparkle is produced by the gold rib. A simple palmered wet fly pattern, one which I will definitely tie onto my leader when those golden sedge are about during those long, warm summer evenings of next season.


Fiery Palmer

Fiery Brown Palmer – Body: 50-50 mix of brown & fiery brown SLF Palmer Hackle: furnace hen Rib: fine gold wire Hackle: mottled brown hen


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