About SoftHackles

I love hackled wet fly patterns. Whether you call them spiders, soft hackle wet flies, flymphs, dubbed body wet flies or palmered hackle wet flies, I love tying them on cold winter nights. I enjoy seeing them in a fly box and of course I love to fish them.

SoftHackles.blog is an easy reading, lighthearted blog about these wet fly patterns. Being something of a minimalist at heart, I appreciate the often understated sparseness of these patterns. I also love the sense of history and tradition that surrounds these patterns. I find it fascinating that you can fish patterns today that have existed for hundreds of years and still catch trout with them. It is amazing to think that if they were alive today, an angler from that period in time would probably still recognise the hackled wet fly on your leader.

I am not an angling expert and anyone I have fished with will confirm that! I’m not selling anything through my blog nor affiliated to any angling company. I’m Just an average angler.

This is my blog and I hope you enjoy it.


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