Medium Olive Palmer

tying and fishing palmered flies

Olive6.JPGa medium olive palmered wet fly

This palmered hackle wet fly pattern was intended for use during an olive hatch but I suspect that it may be useful as a general searching pattern on the lochs too. The pattern incorporates a tag of gold tinsel and gold wire rib to give the fly a complimentary bit of flash and ‘lift’ when combined with the more sombre colours used in the dressing: a dark olive body, brown-olive tail and palmer hackle and a mottled-brown hen hackle for the collar hackle.

I quite liked the way in which the brown-olive hackle mixed with the swept back and slightly cloaked, mottled-brown hen hackle nearest to the head of the pattern and how the tag sits under the tail of the fly and seems to ‘balance’ the fly somehow. The palmer hackle, being a soft hen hackle, should help to give some additional movement to the fly in the water.

As ever, I’m looking forward to fishing this latest pattern to come off the vice and can imagine it fishing just below the surface, perhaps pushing some water ahead of it as it is retrieved. Or, perhaps fishing it through a wave when the wind and rain get up during an afternoon session. Or just fishing it next season whatever the weather…or just getting fishing again next season full stop. - palmered hackle wet fly - Olive6

Medium Olive Palmer – Tag: gold tinsel Tail: brown-olive hen Body: dark green SLF Rib: gold wire Palmer Hackle: brown-olive hen Hackle: furnace hen


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