Mahogany PT Buzzer

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BrownBuzRed or Red?

I had some red wire that was lying around at the back of the tying bench and it was just calling out to be incorporated into a pattern. A buzzer pattern, I decided. The choice of rib was therefore an easy decision: was it to be red or…red? That decided upon, I viced my hook, a debarbed kamasan B410, and decided that it should be an improvised PTN-type of dressing. I was imagining a chironomid pattern that I would feel happy to fish on any water for trout and opted for an overall brown palette, with of course the red wire rib. So, natural pheasant tail for the abdomen and thorax cover it was. The thorax itself, consists of mahogany super fine dubbing. I used black thread to form the head of the fly.

The most common colours of chironomid in the waters I fish are shades of black, brown and olive so this fly should at least be acceptable to a few fish. The colours black, brown and olive are possibly the most common colours of buzzer pupae around and so the pattern should transfer well across a number of waters. At least that is the theory!

I’m looking forward to the coming season and fishing again, drifting my nymphs and soft hackles on a gentle ripple. Bliss.


Mahogany PT Buzzer – Abdomen: natural pheasant tail fibres Rib: red wire (small) Thorax Cover:natural pheasant tail fibres Thorax: Mahogany superfine dubbing

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