Copper Olive Buzzer

tying spiders, flymphs & nymphs – Soft Hackle Wet Fly – Copper Olive BuzzerCopper Olive Buzzer

Following on from the previous posts about PTN type buzzer patterns I thought I would continue the theme with this simple little pattern. I tied up some Cove PTNs (using the dressing given by Arthur Cove in his book My Way with Trout) and decided to tie a few variations.

Here I just swapped the natural pheasant tail in Cove’s pattern for dyed olive pheasant tail to form the abdomen, ribbed with fine copper wire. The olive pheasant tail fibres forming the abdomen also form the thorax cover. The thorax itself is natural rabbit. In Cove’s original dressing he called for blue underfur and here I mixed a little brown in with the blue which seems to give it a nice olive/grey/blue colour. The pattern is unweighted, save for the copper wire.

The hook is a size #12 Kamasan B410 and Cove himself would fish his PTN’s form a #12 up to #8 and advises that his pattern should be tied on all weights of hooks. In My Way with Trout he lists the preferred hook as a Partridge wide gape down eye.

He also stated that the abdomen should be tied round the bend of hook and that when winding the abdomen, that the fibres lie next to each other, rather than be tied in on top of each other (as when the fibres are twisted together) and that the copper wire rib be tied in, in the opposite direction to which the fibres are tied. All good, sound advice! He also said that this style of nymph was probably one of his most versatile. – Soft Hackle Wet Fly – Copper Olive Buzzer

Copper Olive Buzzer – Abdomen: olive pheasant tail Thorax: tan/grey dubbing Thorax Cover: olive pheasant tail


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