Red Rib Buzzer

tying spiders, flymphs & nymphs

Dark Buzzer with a Hint of Red

When thinking of the dressing for this buzzer pattern, I was conscious that I wanted something sombre in hue but with a little bit of colour in the dressing, something to grab the attention and make the fly stand out from the naturals. I have some thin, red holographic tinsel lurking around the tying desk and decided this would be the colour element of the buzzer pattern. The tinsel itself, being quite thin, lends itself well to ribbing the smaller sizes of fly if required. It also has some sparkle but it isn’t too over the top. It is also red, an effective colour for buzzer patterns but again the red isn’t too…red, if that makes sense.

The hook is a #12 and I formed the abdomen using black pheasant tail fibres prior to ribbing it with the tinsel. I reserved the black pheasant tail fibres for the thorax cover and dubbed the thorax. I opted for a thorax of trico coloured superfine dubbing with a touch of grey dubbing nearer the eye of the hook. The dubbing was well picked out using a dubbing needle, prior to it being swept down and back along the fly. That just left the thorax cover to be brought forward and secured before finishing the fly with few turns of thread to form the head and performing the whip finish. – Red Rib Buzzer

Red Rib Buzzer – Abdomen: black pheasant tail fibres Rib: fine red holo. tinsel Thorax Cover: black pheasant tail fibre Thorax: trico and grey superfine dubbing


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