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softhackles.blog - palmered hackle wet fly - Dark Olive Bumble

… and packing boxes

I simply love incorporating shades of olive into wet fly patterns, and especially into my palmered hackle wet flies. As a colour, it seems to work well for me when incorporated into a pattern. It also seems a logical choice when tying more imitative types of patterns such as nymphs since brown-olive shades through to dark-olive shades, would be a good camouflage colouration choice for a natural insect pupa to adopt.

Anyway, back to the Dark Olive Bumble. Similar to the pattern in the previous post, the Golden Olive Bumble, this too is a fairly simple pattern to tie. I opted for dark green cockerel fibres for the tail, fine dark green dubbing for the body, a soft grey-olive hen hackle for the palmer, fine gold wire rib and a turn or two of blue dyed grizzle hen hackle to finish the fly.

I think I will use this particular palmered hackle wet fly as a prospecting pattern or when dark coloured olives are hatching. It may also prove useful around the weedbeds or where there is green weed covering the bottom. The soft palmered hen hackle and the grizzle collar hackle, should help to add that all important ingredient; movement! The grizzle hen hackle in the pattern wasn’t too ‘overpowering’ as I used just a turn or two in order to give a subtle hint of blue towards the head of the pattern.

This will be my last post for a few weeks or so, as I am in the middle of a house move and my ‘stuff’ is rapidly finding its way into packing boxes! Then there is the unpacking, the setting up of all the ‘stuff’ again … well you get the idea. It has been a productive winter posting season however, as I managed to get fresh content uploaded each Friday since mid October: which was a little goal I’d set for myself. So, special thanks to everyone for reading and to those who have commented and provided feedback on the posts. Thanks again everyone and I hope it won’t too long before the next post occurs.


softhackles.blog - palmered hackle wet fly - Dark Olive Bumble

Dark Olive Bumble – Tail: dark olive cockerel Body: dark green SLF Palmer Hackle: grey olive hen Rib: gold wire Hackle: grizzle hen (teal blue)

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