Little Olive Spider

tying spiders, flymphs & nymphs – Soft Hackle Wet Fly - Brown Olive SpiderOne for the Olive Chironomid HatchA very simple olive spider for when green or olive chironomids are hatching. I tied this olive spider to suggest something small, such as a chironomid pupa or perhaps even a small yellow snail. Olive can be a very good colour and it seemed logical to include an olive spider into my #16 spider collection in my fly box. I have fished it a couple of times without success, but I am sure that this will change as the season continues. I don’t know why but the fish seem fixated on ‘small and black’ this season for some reason.

Tying this fly couldn’t be more simple: a hook of your choice (Kamasan # B175 for me) some 8/0 light olive thread and a brown-olive hen hackle.

I may very well give it a swim when I am out fishing again (a trip this weekend is planned!) and will see how it goes. Assuming the conditions are right to fish this fly of course. I guess like dogs, every fly has its day. That was brought home to me during a recent fishing trip. The fish ignored everything, including the usual go to flies that I use, such as my Awesome Olive, PTNs, Mono Nymph and Copper and Blae Spider amongst others. On that basis I could be forgiven for thinking that the previously mentioned flies just don’t work at all. But I know that they do work and that they will work again…but only if the conditions are right…and that the fish find them acceptable! – Soft Hackle Wet Fly - Brown Olive Spider

Brown Olive Spider – Body: light olive 8/0 thread Hackle: brown-olive hen


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